BTS announces long-awaited ‘Permission to Dance On Stage’ Tour

Attention all ARMY! BTS has officially announced that they’re coming back on tour!


Allison Luna

BTS making a heart shape with their hands as an appreciating to their fans at the Love Yourself World Tour back on Oct. 6. 2018. This tour would be the last one for a while as the world was struck by the devasting Covid-19 pandemic.

Allison Luna, Editor in Chief

South Korean boy band BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, has officially announced that they will be going on tour this month! Named after their most recent song, the ‘Permission to Dance On Stage’ tour will kick off in their home country of Seoul, South Korea, and broadcast the show in cinemas worldwide. Eventually, the seven members will pack their bags and make their way to selected cities to perform their greatest hit songs ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Butter’, and many more!

This tour comes after the boys went on a two-year tour hiatus after their Map of the Soul Tour, which was scheduled to take off back in 2020. Sadly, the entire tour was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic that shut down most of the world and would be canceled altogether the following year. “I was actually supposed to go to the Map of the Soul Tour back in 2020, but it was unfortunately canceled,” says Giavonna Harvey, 19, a sociology major. 

BTS, which consists of members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, were very devastated to inform their 90 million fans, or ARMY, they won’t be performing for a while. The news devastated ARMy as they were looking forward to seeing the boy put on an amazing display of choreography and fill the stadiums with their voices, the boys made sure to keep their fans updated with what is going on in their personal lives as well reassuring them that they miss them and can’t wait for the day they get to perform on stage again. “

Now that the world is slowly starting to open up but also maintaining severe precautions when holding live shows, it does being a sense of normalcy back to music lovers as well as the performers who have been aching to get back on stage. “I am glad that BTS is going back on tour,” said Amy Mcleod, 18, a psychology major. “After all that has happened with the pandemic, a concert conducted safely is a good idea.”