NFL Playoff Picture


The NFL Playoffs will begin on Jan 14. 2022.

Joseph Richuitti and Thomas Ithier III

The 2022-23 NFL Season is coming to an end within the coming weeks, and the big buzz this time of year is Playoff predictions. 

Fans are analyzing which teams are making a strong push toward the finish line and which are making a last-chance stride for the remaining few playoff spots.

First, we start in the AFC. The Buffalo Bills (9-3) and Kansas City Chiefs (9-3) are making big strides for the number one seed, as well as the Miami Dolphins (8-4) and Baltimore Ravens (8-4), two teams which are staying within the rearview to claim the coveted number one spot. 

Teams like the Tennessee Titans (8-4) and Cincinnati Bengals (8-4) also have a realistic chance at taking the number one spot, though many fans and commentators speculate the team to finish within the fourth and fifth seeds. 

The New York Jets (7-5) currently hold the last playoff spot, with the New England Patriots (6-6) and Los Angeles Chargers (6-6) making their last pushes for the remaining spot. There are three other teams in the mix with a (5-7) record- those being the Las Vegas Raiders, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, all of which are attempting to make a playoff case within the coming weeks of the season.

Now to the NFC. Currently, the Eagles (11-1) from the NFC East have the best record, meaning they get a first-round bye in the playoffs. The second seed would go to the Vikings (10-2) because they are first in the NFC North. The third seed would be the 49ers (8-4) because they are at the top in the NFC West, and the fourth seed would go to the Buccaneers (6-6) because they are first in the NFC South. The last three teams that are in the wild card would be the Cowboys (9-3), the Giants (7-4-1), and the Seahawks (7-5). Three other teams that are in the hunt are the Commanders (7-5-1), the Lions (5-7) and lastly the Packers (5-8).

This year’s NFL season is proving to have newly star-studded teams. Players and coaches emerging all over the league make this year’s playoff race exciting. With the NFL Playoffs starting on Jan. 14, 2023, fans and viewers have so much to look forward to while their favorite teams make the final push toward the finish line. The highly anticipated race is expected to be nothing short of nail-biting.