Anticipated Horror Movies of 2023


Graphic by Compass Staff Delaney Hallahan

Delaney Hallahan, Staff Writer

Only two months into this year and we already have have a plethora of diverse horror flicks, from the artsy and experimental “Skinnamarink” directed by Kyle Edward Ball, to the campy and entertaining “M3GAN” directed by Gerard Johnstone, we can predict that 2023 will have something for every horror fan’s taste out there. This year we can expect revivals of some classic stories, as well as the introduction of new concepts. In no particular order, here are twelve anticipated Horror Films of 2023!

Scream VI – March 10

Ghostface will be slashing theaters on March 10th! Following the release of the fifth addition to the franchise, Scream in 2022, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are returning once again to bring Ghostface back to the silver screen. Scream VI follows sisters Tara, played by up-and-coming Scream Queen Jenna Ortega, and Sam, played by Melissa Berrera. After surviving Ghostface in the previous film, they leave Woodsboro for New York City, just when they get comfy a new killer emerges and they will have to once again escape Ghostface.

Saw X – October 27

Yet another film is on its way in the Saw universe. Nine films over a span of almost two decades and Jigsaw is not done yet, in this tenth edition, Tobin Bell will revive his role as John Kramer aka The Jigsaw Killer. Rumors in the air amongst fans include that this film could be a prequel but there is nothing confirmed yet, we’ll have to wait until its release on October 27th.

Salem’s Lot – April 21

Based on one of Stephen King’s many successful novels, and a remake of the 1979 original film of the same name, Salem’s Lot follows a writer who returns to his home town only to find something strange about its people. Directed by James Won, a big name in horror, it is rumored that this remake stays true to King’s original novel. After delays from 2020, Salem’s Lot will be released on April 21st.

Renfield – April 14

A new Horror-Comedy is hitting theaters April 14th! Starring Nicholas Cage as Dracula himself and Nicholas Hoult as Renfield, this flick is based on the fictional stories of Dracula’s devoted servant, in this story however, things are a bit different. Renfield finds himself in a “toxic relationship” as he says in the trailer, he now wishes to split from his blood-thirsty boss and see what life has to offer… How hard could it be?

MaXXXine – TBD

Following the success of the film X and prequel Pearl, Mia Goth revives her character Maxine and continues the story immediately after the incidents of X. The film will follow Maxine in her efforts for fame. Fans are excited to see what director Ti West brings to this new addition of the story. No release date has been released yet but fans are hanging on for the announcement.

Beau is Afraid – April 21

A curiously strange A24 film is on its way on April 21st, directed by Ari Aster and starring Joaquin Phoenix, this one is sure to be interesting. Beau is Afraid follows Beau, an extremely paranoid man who embarks on a great journey to find his mother. The trailer leaves many yearning for more, with enough to pull you in but leaves you clueless even after multiple watches.

The Last Voyage of Demeter – August 11

Here is one last vampire flick for this list, this August 11th Dracula returns… again, but not as a comedy. This film covers just one chapter, a captains log from Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula. The crew of the Demeter is on its journey from Carpathia to London with private cargo, soon enough the crew experiences terror each night until the unknown presence makes its final move.  

Five Nights at Freddy’s – TBD

This film is arguably the most anticipated film on this list. Based on the well-loved horror video game series of the same name, Five Nights at Freddy’s is confirmed to be starring Mathew Lillard, best known for the 1996 slasher “Scream” as Stu Macher, and Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson. Director Emma Tammi. Scott Cawthon, the creator of the original games, will be the film’s producer alongside the CEO of Blumhouse, Jason Blum. Fans have high hopes for the film due to its casting and association with Blumhouse Films. There is no confirmed release date yet however Jason Blum revealed in a tweet that filming has started this February.

The Strangers – December 30

Another remake with a twist is on its way this year. The original 2008 slasher The Strangers instilled a fear in audience members due to the intruders lack of background and reason for their brutal attacks. Netflix star Maddaline Petsch, who will be stepping in as one of the films main characters, has mentioned that the trilogy will be giving more background to the couple from the first film. There is no release date yet but opinions have already been flying, many fans think the original story should not be touched and that the lack of background is what makes the film so horrifying. There is no way to tell where the trilogy will go but the anticipation for more information is definitely rising.

The Pope’s Exorcist – April 14

Academy award winner Russel Crowe is stepping into the shoes of Gabriele Amorth, an Italian Catholic Priest and the Vatican’s former chief Exorcist. The film follows Father Gabriele in a historical horror thriller as he undertakes another exorcism following the tragic outcome of his last one. The twist is… the Vatican has secrets to be uncovered, and Father Gabriele will be the one to take on this challenge. The Pope’s Exorcist will be in theaters April 24th and the trailer is available to check out on Youtube!

It is an exciting year for horror and it definitely does not stop at this list, keep an eye out this season for more film announcements and more information on unreleased movies! We’re looking forward to checking these flicks out and other films beyond the horror genre. Happy watching!