Journalism Convention Inspires Students

Seven members of the Journalism Club attended CMA’s 2023 Spring National Media Convention


Carl Corry

Members of the Journalism Club pose for a picture on the red carpet at the CMA convention on March 9, 2023. (Photo credit: Carl Corry)

Elisha Feliz, Staff Writer

A few months ago, the idea of attending the College Media Association’s 2023 Spring National Media Convention was only a discussion point of events the Suffolk Journalism Club could hope to attend. Fast-forward a few weeks and two fundraisers later, the club was in New York City among aspiring student journalists and many professionals in the field. 

This had been my first time attending a convention – I’m vice president of the club – so I had gone in with no expectations and came out with a great experience. 

On March 9 and 10, seven members sat in on multiple panels and took notes of advice given to us by the speakers. 

If I had not gotten the chance to attend this convention I feel that I would have missed out on a lot

— Anjali Sinha, Journalism Club president

“It was a great opportunity to attend CMA as it helped every member of the club network and gain new opportunities.” said Anjali Sinha, 22, a journalism major and president of the Journalism Club. “If I had not gotten the chance to attend this convention I feel that I would have missed out on a lot.”

Being surrounded by students that are going through the same struggles was comforting to see. Whether it be uncertainty in your writing or difficulty in choosing a beat to cover, there was a panel to go to get your questions answered.

There were also small elements that added to the experience, like the table filled with several of the student newspapers and magazines of those who attended. 

Being exposed to the countless resources there are for students pursuing a career in journalism has cemented the idea that I do have a chance in this industry.

Flipping back through the hurried and somewhat coherent notes I took throughout those two days, no other event could have taught me the lessons I had learned there.

I look forward to the day where I could be in the speaker’s shoes and provide reassurance and guidance to students like me.