Prince Harry Departs Further From the Royal Family

What Prince Harry Has Done To Disclose The Royal Family’s Dark Sides


EJ Hersom

Prince Harry at the Invictus Games opening ceremony, 2017. Photo credit: CC BY 2.0

Hao Guo, Staff Writer

Since Meghan Markle entered the royal family through her marriage to Prince Harry, the royal shocking news about them has never been stopped, and the most serious one would be when the couple announced their intention to leave the royal family as senior working staff in January 2020. 

On Feb. 18, 2021, the decision was confirmed by Buckingham Palace that “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not be returning as working members of The Royal Family,” meaning Prince Harry will go with his wife Meghan Marke to leave the UK and settle down in the new home of the U.S. It is the first time for Prince Harry to depart from his brother William, the Prince of Wales. 

The public said that it was Meghan Markle who stole the prince and put him under her control. It seemed a joke, however, it is a fact that should be expressed that Meghan Markle ignited Prince Harry’s bottled rage, which was accumulated from birth and throughout his royal life. 

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex is the accomplice of Prince Harry to build upon his resentment toward the royal family.

When Meghan Markle spoke out to the public about her dissatisfaction with the royal family’s rules, disciplines, and behaviors, which all highlighted the racism against her, Prince Harry scorned their special servants and shouted with impatience: “Just give her what she wanted, that is it!” And he would go about his royal life as enjoyable, material, and luxurious with his frank logic that he would never be a king like his brother, Prince William.

Actually, Prince Harry was dissatisfied with his royalty status before he married Meghan Markle. So, it looks normal that Prince Harry supports Meghan Markle’s discontentment with the royalty. 

The couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey on March 7, 2021, cast a spotlight on the royal family after the couple’s exit from royal life, during which the couple relayed the seriousness of the racism of the royalty, labeling their victim’s situation in the royal family that made them mostly stressed and eventually forced them to leave the family. Prince Harry, who was accompanied by his wife, nodded at all the remarks during the interview.

Prince Harry’s vicious remarks on the royalty amazed the public at the time when Winfrey’s interview was finished when Prince Harry said nothing well about the royalty. It is the first time the public knows that Prince Harry hates his family, and the hatred has been lying in his heart for a long time, with nobody knowing before, including his brother William.

The interview caused a rift and brought a sensation to their publicity, making the couple see the benefits of exposing the royalty’s dark sides. 

And sure enough, the schemes follow one after one.

On Dec. 8, 2022, the Netflix documentary starring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was published. The six-episode series featured Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s perspectives on their time with British royalty, in which Prince Harry called the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution a feeding frenzy and said: “No one knows the truth, but we know the full truth.” Meghan also expressed her doubts wondering if the royal family was ever going to protect her. Dissatisfaction and resentments are full in the documentary, from which the royal couple gained attention for another time. 

It is obvious that accumulated attention is not the ultimate goal for the couple, money should be. 

Prince Harry desires money to maintain his extravagant life as before he exited royalty, and he is successful in achieving this goal by selling his unique life experiences to the world, and by the way, his unleashing of grumbling emotions is gaining a shocking gaze, too. 

The most recent book ‘Spare’, a Prince Harry’s memoir released earlier this year on Jan. 10, sold more than 1.43 million copies in all formats in the United States, Canada, and Britain, according to the publisher, Penguin Random House. 

The memoir disclosed his relationship with his brother Prince William including how the brothers’ emotions began to split at the point of his wedding to Meghan Markle, including a large number of his privacies in the book. The book’s tone is the same as his other works which were loaded with Prince Harry’s resentment of his royalty’s status. He showed his awful feeling about his father, Prince Charles III, describing him as “a spare” in the conversation with his mother, Princess Diana as his distorted sentiment was formed there. 

According to Forbes, Prince Harry’s bestselling book Spare shattered records, and associated movies, television, and podcasts have an estimated value of more than $135 million. Prince Harry made around $20 million from the memoir and $109 million in Spotify and Netflix deals.

The ventures prove the couple’s financial gains are sound and enormous under their previous royal shining title. 

However, the royal family behaved calmly and remained indifferent to the memoir Spare, and didn’t give any comments on what the book narrated about Prince William physically attacking Prince Harry and calling Camilla, Queen Consort ‘dangerous villain’. 

The relationship between Harry and his family has been strained ever since the Sussexes decided to quit their royal role and leave the family. After a series of high-profile activities launched by the couple, some of which are attacking the royalty, the close rapport is still hard to recover. 

Prince Harry is destined to depart from his royal family further and further.