Valentine’s Day: A Few Ways Students Plan to Spend it


A couple embraces in front of a giant heart. Credit: Lucas Lenzi via Unsplash

Elisha Feliz, Staff Writer

Stuck on how to spend this Valentine’s Day? With Feb. 14 just around the corner, you still have some time to figure out options on how to celebrate. Students on the Ammerman campus shared the ways they enjoy staying connected with their loved ones.

Watching a romantic movie is a choice for those looking for an entertaining way to pass some time.

“I am a rom-com girl, but “The Notebook” is the first that comes to mind,” said Ayla Kaczmarek, 18, a general studies major. 

“The Notebook” is a romantic drama that follows Noah Calhoun, a poor mill worker played by Ryan Gosling, and Allie Hamilton, a girl from a wealthy family, played by Rachel McAdams in their heartbreaking love story. Released in 2004, this movie has slowly become a staple in the romance genre. The emotional rollercoaster you will embark throughout the duration of this movie is intense, but an enjoyable way to spend your Valentine’s Day.

“I like spending time with family over significant others,” Kaczmarek said.

Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday just for those with a partner. It is also a time to spend with family and friends. 

“I’m [in a-long-distance relationship]. It is hard for us to get together,” said Levi Schmidt, 19, a vocal music major.

Spending time with the people you love can be difficult with obstacles in the way, but despite the distance, there are ways to overcome these barriers.

“Calling through Discord and watching movies and eating together is a way we connect,” Schmidt said. 

Apps like Discord, Skype or FaceTime are a great way to stay connected with those that you may not be able to see in person. Allowing for experiences that you may not have been able to do because of distance, like watching a movie together.  

Forget flowers and chocolates, this Valentine’s Day just remember to appreciate those you love.