An Emotional Goodbye

Riley Zalbert, Managing Editor

Coming into Suffolk, I wasn’t confident in my journalistic abilities since I had never taken an actual journalism course during High school. At Oneonta, I was a history education major, so I didn’t take any then. After a horrible two semesters, I landed at Suffolk without knowing anyone on campus in the fall of 2021. 

Within the first two semesters here, I was able to create strong bonds with colleagues and friends in and out of the club and this led me to have better interactions with those around me.

Making new lifelong friends has been a clear highlight of my time with Compass without a doubt. With this semester coming closer and closer to the end, it was a true honor and pleasure being able to work with everyone who has been a part of the club since I started.

 With the time I spent with the club and taking classes as a journalism major, I was able to develop my writing abilities, further cement relationships with colleagues and professors, and work on my craft now as an editor. 

With my time here almost done, it has created some of my fondest memories and I will always reminisce about the meetings, story pitches, and meeting some of my closest friends today. So as we get closer to graduating, I have been accepted to Seattle University, but I will never forget my time with all who worked for and were part of The Compass. It has meant so much to me over these past 2 years, and I hope to stay in contact with everyone.