Buyer’s Guide For All Things Nerdy


Allison Luna, Contributing Writer

Funko Pops!

Does one of your friends, a family member, or a loved one have a favorite video game, a favorite movie, or a favorite show and you’re struggling to find the perfect gift? Have no fear! These cute little figures would be the perfect gifts underneath the Christmas tree. With their colorful packaging and uniquely famous black eyes, Funko Pops has a variety of themes. From Marvel to Star Wars, to Pokemon, and many more, the choices are endless.

3D LED Illusion Lamps

Think your room is too bland and would like a touch of color? Why not buy yourself or someone an illusion lamp? Purchasing one of the colorful and unique lamps would make the perfect Christmas gift or a lovely housewarming gift. To turn it on, all you need to do is lightly tap the power button and voilà, it is activated and it begins to change colors too! Or if you only want to stick with one color, they have those options too! Depending on the person and what their interest consists of, they have different themes for everyone!

Metallic Posters (Displate)

Most of the time when you purchase a poster, it’s either framed or paper. The last thing you want to be doing is poking a hole through it and leaving a bunch of marks on your wall. One solution: metallic posters! Displate is a company where artists create beautiful pieces of artwork and makes them into metallic posters. There’s no need to poke holes into your walls as the poster comes with a magnet mounting system, making the process of putting a poster fast and efficient. What is very lovely of this company is that with every purchase, Displate plants 1 tree. As of today, they have planted 15,780,578 trees! So, what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself or someone special one of these posters and save the environment.

Video Game Consoles

Although this is a bit on the expensive side, you can never go wrong with purchasing the latest and hottest new video game consoles, such as the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, or the Nintendo Switch. With new games in the works and also being released in the upcoming year, it would make the perfect gift! Especially with the chaos that has been the past year and a half or simply to celebrate another semester being over, it is the perfect way to relieve stress and go on a new virtual adventure.

Graphic T-Shirts

Now, there are some people who think getting clothes for Christmas is quite basic and boring but what if they had one of your favorite characters from a show or movie on it? Would it still be considered boring? Absolutely not! Graphic t-shirts have been quite the fashion choice for most as it is considered casual and comfy but also an aesthetically pleasing asset to creative outfits. They can range from either famous video game characters to the greatest bands of today or the past to classic or modern movies, to even memes for comedic effect. Shop at your local mall and take inside Hot Topic, F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment), and Newbury Comics or shop online on RedBubble and Amazon to score an awesome graphic t-shirt this holiday season.