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A Moment In Time
A Moment In Time
April 4, 2024

2014 fashion is taking over 2024

Overlapping tops were trending part of 2020 but it’s expected to a year-long fashion statement for 2024.

Let’s be honest: 2024 has a new sort of vibe to it, and fashion this year is going to upgrade and bring back a nostalgic feeling. People are bringing back the prominent fashion looks of 2014. It’s no secret that time is moving fast, but what’s better to bring back the good vibes than throwback trends?

1. Lace

A decade ago, lace meant bold confidence and reassurance that demonstrated people could be independent and pretty at the same time. The timeless meaning behind it is leading to a lace comeback in 2024.

2. Ralph Lauren prep

Ralph Lauren prep was one of the most wanted looks of 2014. Everyone loved the life they had and how clean they looked. As much as the grunge look was iconic, the clean look was its opposite twin sister. It was a public favorite. I now notice 2024 is entering with the clean girl vibe and leaving the grudge back in the past.

3. Pastel pink aesthetic

Back then, everyone loved their bows, sweat sets, Uggs and Victoria’s Secret. This specific look never had a name to it, just a vibe. In 2024, they are calling it “coquette,” and it is the same thing as the famous 2014 look.  It was a feminine aesthetic and a very iconic look that was idolized by many young girls.

4. High knee boots

It’s true when they say each year it’s a different boot length. I’m excited to see the high-knee boots make their comeback, as it was very much missed. I hope they add the long socks with them too. They added a unique style to everything and such a bold look. High-knee boots made everything seem right and cool in different ways.

5. Overlapping tops

They were trending in 2020 but ended up dying out due, as to crop tops and tight shirts took center stage. Rather than becoming old two months into the year, I believe the overlapping tops will be a year-long trend for 2024.

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About the Contributor
Giselle Castro, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Giselle Castro is a journalism major from Central Islip and the Arts & Entertainment Editor for Compass News. Castro wants to attend F.I.T. to continue her education in fashion media.

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    RileyFeb 21, 2024 at 7:28 pm

    Swag Era is back