Simple Fashion Staples To Elevate Your Winter Style


Samantha Kashata, Contributing Writer

We are approaching winter break, which means the holidays are here, and you need a new outfit. As we are in the winter season, it can be challenging to find a good sweater or pants that’ll keep you warm during the colder seasons, besides hoodies and sweatpants.

Here are some outfit ideas that you could use this winter season! Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been frequenting my staple hoodies and leggings for the past two weeks as well, but Compass News is here to help you elevate your style this season and bring out your inner fashionista.

1. Leather Pants
Leather pants have been trendy recently; any style and color would be great to wear out. Preferably dark brown leather pants would be better, but black and tan would be perfect also. You can find them almost anywhere; if you are looking not to spend a lot of money, H&M has them, Garage and ASOS currently have them in stock.

2. Sweater Vest
Sweater vests are the perfect option to pair with leather pants. You can also pair them with blue jeans, or even a black skirt. They have many different styles of sweater vests, such as retro patterns, argyle patterns, etc. It goes perfectly with anything, but you should wear something underneath the weather is colder.

3. Turtleneck
A simple turtleneck is excellent to wear under the sweater vest to keep you warm. You can also wear this many other ways, with a skirt, jeans, or under any T-shirt. That’s the reason why turtlenecks are a staple piece to have in your closet; they’re great for layering.

4. Puffer Jacket
Puffer jackets are another staple piece to have in your closet. Since it is a jacket, you can wear it any day with anything you want. Many different stores sell puffer coats; if you’re looking for high quality and more pricey, the North Face has a diverse variety of coats to choose from. Urban Outfitters has more affordable puffer coats in various colors that don’t cost as much as North Face.

5. Cargo Pants
This might be a little out of your comfort zone, but if you are willing to try out new styles, you should buy cargo pants. They sell many colors of cargo pants at Garage; I own about three different pairs of them, and I recommend these! You can style them with a sweater, T-shirt, and if you want to wear something comfy, you could pair it with a hoodie. They sell them at many other stores, but Garage has some of the best ones.

6. Flare leggings
Flare leggings are a lifesaver, they are easy to wear, and they’re cute. If you shop at Aerie, they have a vast selection of leggings. They have regular flare, and they have a different type of leggings called “Crossover leggings”. The top of the leggings crosses at the waist, making your waist look great. Even though they make your waist look amazing, they are also so soft and comfortable, explaining why you need them in your closet.