5 Places to Take Your Valentine


Erin Hoeler

An order of fried rice, vegetables, and shrimp from Kumo Japanese of Stony Brook on Feb 8, 2022. Kumo is approaching 10 years since their opening in 2011.

Ni'yah-Marie Preacely, Opinion Editor

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spend time with the people you love. If you have a significant other or just a friend that you want to spend the holiday of love with,

 Here are some great places to do so: 

1. Kumo Japanese

2548 Nesconset Hwy.

Stony Brook

The Japanese steakhouse and hibachi place has a great environment and romantic ambiance for many couples this coming Valentine’s Day. The beautiful neon lighting sets the mood for a good date night. “My boyfriend and I love sushi, so it was a no-brainer for us to make that our spot for Valentine’s Day,” said Erin Hennig, a 19-year-old liberal arts major.

2. Caffe Amici

353 Independence Plaza.


This Italian restaurant provides cuisines that will make you fall in love all over again. They’ve got plenty of options from pizza to fried calamari. The dim lighting and the gentle music playing create a fanciful atmosphere for you and your date. 


3. The Cheesecake Factory

610 Smith Haven Mall.

Lake Grove

The well-known restaurant chain not only provides excellent cheesecake but also provides a great night for romance. You and your valentine can share a slice. Your date will not be the only thing getting your attention this Valentine’s Day, the food will be the only thing you want to focus on. 


4. Yogo Delish

211 Main St.

Port Jefferson

This cute frozen yogurt shop has such a delightful setting that you and your significant other or friend can enjoy. The plethora of flavors makes it impossible to choose, but you and your valentine can make that choice together. “My girlfriend and I’s first date was at Yogo Delish, so I thought it would be a great idea for Valentine’s Day date,” said Kai Helenius,18, a creative writing major. 


5. Voodoo Crab

1759-G Middle Country Rd. 


The Cajun restaurant has a menu not only rich in flavor but also in romance. The music playing over the speakers creates a great vibe for you and your date to enjoy the meal and each other’s presence. The primarily seafood dishes are delicious and make for a great night.