Executive dean discusses the Safe Smart Task Force’s role in student safety on campus

An Interview with Dr. Irene Rios, executive dean and campus CEO of Ammerman, on the Safe Smart Task Force on Feb. 1, 2022

Sara McGiff


Ammerman building, where the interview with the Executive Dean, Dr. Irene Rios, was conducted on Feb. 1, 2022.

Sara McGiff, Reporter

The Safe Smart Task Force’s job is to keep students safe on campus during Covid-19. They also are a recommending body to the college president and enact policies according to SUNY mandates, CDC guidelines, and Suffolk County positivity rates.

Dr. Irene Rios heads the task force and facilitates communication, oversees reports going to the SUNY offices in Albany, and organized work groups within the task force to tackle issues revolving around COVID-19 such as remote services.