Students’ favorite ways to decompress

Sometimes, it’s nice to get a break from reality


Emily Galvez, 19, of Farmingville, selects the video game Minecraft on her Xbox on Feb. 10, 2022. She finds this to be one of her favorite ways to decompress.

Erin Hoeler, Features Editor

With college classes back in session, students now need to balance their school, work, and home life, which can get quite hectic. For many students, this may be a new struggle, considering fewer classes are being held online and more are held in person. This gives students less time to work on their academics, especially if they have other commitments outside of the classroom. However, it is important to participate in hobbies that you enjoy in order to maintain this balance. 

“I either do art or video games,” said Erin Hennig, 18, a general studies major. “I’m a film buff and love the cinema. Breaking Bad would have to be one of my favorites, but I also love Disney, crime, and horror movies.”

With the pandemic forcing many students to remain socially distant, with fewer cases and precautionary actions, some are able to go back to their usual activities, how it was pre-Covid.  

“I enjoy spending time with friends,” said Eric Trommer, 19, an engineering science major. “Whether it’s going out to eat at Applebee’s or going on drives and listening to music.”

Some students may have lost their interests due to poor mental health or lack of free time. According to Dylan Hayes, 19, a computer science major, “I write music to cool off and forget things. I also enjoy playing video games, and all kinds of virtual reality. Sometimes, it’s nice to get a break from reality.”