Editors’ Choice: Top Female Music Artists of 2022

From Olivia Rodrigo to M.I.A., these artists stand out for their unique sounds and captivating lyrics.


Sofia Oakley

With women changing the music industry with their inspirational song writing and tenacious personalities, reporters and editors of Compass News share who they believe has left a lasting impact for future female artists.

Allison Luna, Editor in Chief

In honor of Women’s History Month, a few of Compass News’ editors shared who their favorite female artists of all time are and what makes them such an influence within the music industry. From artists like Billie Eilish to Alice Coltrane, females dominate the music industry, often pioneering genres. 

Olivia Rodrigo

Hi, Editor in Chief here! I would say that Olivia Rodrigo has certainly become an artist that I enjoy listening to. What I like about her music so much is how emotion she pours into her music, whether it be a punk angst rhythm to a slow love ballad, she does it perfectly and her harmonizations sound almost angelic as it echos lightly in the back. At just 19 years old, she has carved herself a path within the music industry that is both authentic and incredibly unique.

Alice Coltrane

Dr. Burns, who is our amazing advisor for Compass News says that Alice Coltrane has created the notion of “spiritual jazz,” combining the flowing, expansive forms of jazz with aspects of meditation, mantras, and Hindu devotional music. “Her originality and authenticity came through every note and I don’t think anyone ever thought of using a harp in jazz music, but she proved it was an absolutely genius idea. ” 

Lady Gaga

For Erin Hoeler, 20, the features editor for Compass News, it’s Lady Gaga “hands down.” 

“She’s just an icon, has that ‘I don’t give a you-know-what’ attitude, and I think that makes her so powerful, which gives the impression to not mess with her because if you try to, it’s not going to get you anywhere.”


“I think she has played a major part in today’s music because her ‘Praying’ performance contributed to such a cultural wave and left a large impact on viewers and many in the music industry on the topic of sexual assault,” said Sofia Oakley, 19, a journalism major and is the multimedia editor for Compass News.

Lana Del Rey

Daniela Weihskopf, 20, a journalism major and Compass News reporter, called Lana Del Rey an “icon” and said she loves her soft voice. “Her music itself is a soulful masterpiece that radiates femininity, and self-confidence and she drags you deeper and deeper into stories you couldn’t even imagine yourself getting into.”

Lauryn Hill

“Lauryn Hill is my personal favorite because she has changed the hip hop game and paved the way for other female rappers,” said Leanne Pastore, 27, a journalism major and a reporter for Compass News. “Her music and lyrics are so original and whenever I listen to her, I always feel better, no matter what type of mood I’m in.”


“M.I.A. is influential because she brings specific political issues to light in her works,” said Riley Zalbert, 20, a journalism major and reporter for Compass News. “Her music videos for songs such as ‘Paper Planes’ and ‘Borders’ help explain, visually, those political issues in a better way and I believe she made some impact within the music community as artists have cited her as an influence.” 

Billie Eilish

“She plays a huge part in today’s music because she inspires many to be themselves,” said Benedicto Campo, 21, a liberal arts major and contributing writer to Compass. “That life can be hard to go through and she also advocates everyone to never stay in a negative space and to just keep going.”