In Space with Markiplier: A Youtube Review


Benedicto Campo, Contributing Writer

In Space with Markiplier is the new YouTube Original film by highly watched and popular Youtuber Mark Edward Fischbach aka Markiplier. It is an interactive film that puts the viewers as the main character who can choose between different choices in their own adventure. This can lead to multiple pathways and endings along the way. This is his third interactive film following A Date with Markiplier and A Heist with Markiplier. However, unlike those two, this film is split into two parts and is much bigger in terms of storytelling and ambition. The film stars Markiplier as the head engineer of a new ship called The Invincible 2. The film also stars other Youtubers like Matthew Patrick as Mack, Ethan Nestor as the wormhole, Wade Barnes as Wug, Bob Muyskens as Burt, Pamela Horton as Celci, and Mick Lauer as Gunther. The performances from the cast along with their interactions with the viewer are different and unique from one another depending on which story path the viewer’s take. This allows for new character dynamics and performances to be shown throughout each story path the viewer chooses.


The film focuses on the viewer as the captain of a new ship called The Invincible 2. They are assisted by the head engineer Markiplier. Markiplier gives a tour of the ship to the captain and introduces them to the crew. Some of these include Celci the cryogenics lead, Gunther the Asteroid Defense System Lead, and Burt the Reactor Lead. The captain, along with Markiplier and the crew plan to travel to a planet where they can safely settle and build a new colony for themselves. However, after a wormhole unexpectedly appears, this leads to panic and chaos among the ship and its crew. From then on, this puts the fate of the ship and crew in the hands of the captain and Markiplier, leading them to make different choices that will have either positive or negative outcomes. These outcomes will lead to different story paths and endings depending on what the captain chooses.


As a YouTube and Markiplier fan, this is one of Markiplier’s best works to date. This is because the story has lots of high stakes, the characters are likable and fun to watch, and the interactive aspect is very engaging to viewers. Another positive aspect is that this interactive film feels like a cinematic experience unlike A Date with Markiplier and A Heist with Markiplier where it was more of a short or medium gaming experience. Another thing that is unique from the other two interactive films is that the story is longer and has more emotional depths and stakes going on. The other two interactive films didn’t have these types of stakes and storytelling and were also lighter and shorter compared to this new interactive film. The other films were also one part while this one has two parts. The film also has many references and easter eggs to Markiplier’s past videos as well. Some of these include references to games he played like Among Us and Fleeing the Complex and characters he played like Wilford Warfstache and Yancy. This makes the film a Markiplier fan experience that both old and new viewers can enjoy. The comedy of this film is also a positive aspect because some of the humor contains ragdoll physics that would mainly be seen in a cartoon. This film portrays the ragdoll physics in an unrealistic but funny matter without making it look bad. The interactive elements of this film are also fun because you get to see both different interactions between the viewer and the characters. The relationship between the viewer and the characters can be positive, negative, or neutral depending on the choices the viewer makes. The story paths that occur are also affected due to the interactive elements. These story paths are unique to one another because they lead to both different story plot points and endings. These differences are fun to watch because it showcases many what-if scenarios and outcomes throughout the film.


In my opinion, I wouldn’t say there are any big negative things about this interactive film. Although I do have one minor nitpick, which is that it does get confusing for viewers, especially if it’s their first time viewing the film. This is because the film has multiple outcomes and endings in both parts. It will be confusing where each path leads to which ending and how to achieve it. It is sometimes a headache for viewers and completionists to backtrack to the beginning just to see the different paths and endings. However, this minor nitpick can be looked over once viewers get to view the film a few more times. It will be easy to get used to after a few views and the paths will be more memorable and easier than the first time. This makes the experience more fun and enjoyable. 


Overall, In Space with Markiplier is an experience that is fun, engaging, enjoyable, and exciting to watch and take part in. This interactive film has everything that a Markiplier fan, old and new, would want from start to finish. It has funny comedy moments, deep and emotional storytelling, interactive choices, and unexpected plot twists that will shock many viewers. This is an interactive film that was made with lots of creativity, ambition, and care which makes this a masterpiece unlike any other project depicted in the film. This is impressive, especially for a YouTube project. The performances given by Markiplier and the rest of the cast show that Youtubers have talent other than playing games or vlogging. It shows that they have a variety of talents including acting, singing, dancing, and just giving a good laugh to others. The interactive elements were also a big takeaway because of how the viewers can engage and change both the story plot points and their relationship with the characters. Although it can be very confusing upon the first watch, it will be lots more fun once you get used to it and view it again multiple times. In the end, In Space with Markiplier is an excellent masterpiece Markiplier has outdone himself with. I hope he creates more interactive films like this in the future.