Honey Revenge Releases New Single and Video “Rerun”


Paige Margulies via Honey Revenge Instagram

Honey Revenge’s new singe and video “Rerun” released on Nov. 11. 2022

Layne Groom, Managing Editor

Los Angeles pop-rock band Honey Revenge released their new single “Rerun” under Thriller Records on Nov. 11. 

This new track features opened-up lyrics over guitar riffs and punchy drums in the verses which break into explosive choruses.

“We’ve all struggled with things not going the way we planned. It’s not easy to bounce back from being let down. “Rerun” dives into the hopeless experience of feeling like you’re living the same bad day over and over again and trying to stay positive in spite of being at your worst. I wrote the song in a state of severe impatience wondering when the hard work would start paying off. It’s cathartic to know it’s finally making its way into the world especially now that I’m in a much better place,” the band commented via Triller Records

The duo, fronted by Devin Papadol their vocalist and Donovan Lloyd on guitar, have been releasing music under Honey Revenge since 2021.

This track follows two other singles released earlier this year “Distracted” and “Ride.” When reached out about their plans for the future the band said, “Lots of music to come!”

Watch the new music video here: