Reflection of a Transfer Student


Peter Nicolino II

To me, Suffolk was a fresh opportunity. I came to Suffolk from a four-year college where I was dorming 5 hours away from home during the peak Covid year. 

I did not enjoy being there and did not use my time wisely. I often elected to skip class and lay in bed watching TV instead of working on assignments. The environment I put myself in was not healthy. So after two semesters of wasting my time and shutting myself off from others, I left. 

On my first day of classes at Suffolk, I was nervous. I did not want to have the same terrible work ethic I had prior,  and I did not want to disappoint the people in my life as I had before. Time and time again, I thought about how the semester would go for me and if I would choose to continue slacking off or would finally make the changes I had to make if I wanted to succeed. 

During my time at Suffolk, I did. I began to care about my classes, attend extracurricular activities, and immerse myself in the college experience. I drastically improved my GPA and built a strong resume for when I transfer to a four-year university by joining clubs and groups. 

The faculty, facilities, and opportunities I’ve had at Suffolk have molded me into the student I am today and have helped me grow into the best version of myself I have ever been. I now have the drive and desire to care about being productive during my time in college and feel I have put myself in a strong position for my next stage of life.

After three semesters on the Ammerman campus, I increased my GPA by 2 points, was elected president of the Suffolk Broadcasters Club, hosted a sports show on our very own Suffolk Radio, earned the position of lead play-by-play commentator for our athletics team, and found a new love in writing by joining our campus newspaper, which is run by the absolute best and brightest minds here at Suffolk. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities I have been given at Suffolk County Community College, and the magnificent people here are the reason I was able to achieve this much. 

I am in the best position of my life at the moment, and for that, I can thank Bill Terry for teaching me how to use my voice and always keeping me in line when I step out. Carl Coulanges, for helping me fall in love with sports broadcasting and showing me the thrill of calling a game-winner, and Leanne Pastore, for giving me a new passion for putting my feelings on paper and being able to express my thoughts in a way I never knew I could. Thank you, Suffolk. I am a better person because of you.