Here’s a Peek at the RTV Media Festival Nominees

This is the 3rd annual festival, which will be held on April 28 in Room 115 of the Islip Arts Building


Santiago Vargas

Professor Carl Coulanges (right) stands alongside RTV major and Media Festival nominee Christian Gonzales in the Riverhead Building on April 5, 2023. (Compass News/Santiago Vargas)

Santiago Vargas, Staff Writer

The third annual Radio and TV Media Festival will be held on April 28 to showcase and celebrate the work of students involved in different mediums of entertainment. 

The festival, which will be held in the Islip Arts Building, Room 115, from 6-10 pm, is presented by the Broadcast Club and sponsored by the Office of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development and was initiated by communications professor Carl Coulanges, who is also the adviser of the Suffolk Broadcast Club. 

A trophy is awarded to the winner in each category, which is decided by designated judges who vote on the nominees’ work to choose a winner in each category.

With the submission deadline past, here’s a peek at the nominees: 

Best Documentary 

“Bree-On-Uh” by Vincent Meyers 

“Scale Train” by Michael Matteo 

“Mental Health Matters” by Erin Leonard 

Best Commercial 

“Let the Music be your Company” by Madeline Kane

“It’s Fine” by Greg Schmitz

Best Shortfilm

“Morning Routine” by Brian Molchan 

“The Gift” by Mark Alfonso 

“The Mugger” by Greg Schmitz

“On the Run” by Grace Donovan

Best Movie Trailer

“Stalked by the Fourth Wall” by Greg Schmatz

“Spiderman Funeral Home” by Vincent Meyers 

Best Comedy 

“Smart and Smarter” by Brian Molchan

“Cops” by Kelana Campo 

“Aventures by Gritty” by Vincent Donadio 

“Illusions” by Greg Schmitz

Best PSA

“Adopt Don’t Shop” by Krys Mcadams

“Stay Awake Stay Alive” by Greg Schmitz

“Mental Health” by Brian Forte

“Arrive Alive” by Noah Placenty 

“No School Violence” by Keilana Campo 

Best Radio Feature 

“The Mystery of Sweeney Hill” by Christian Gonzales

“Ice Nine Kills” Krys Mcadams

“Realm of the Unknown” by Jared Parhiala 

“Sports Update” by Ryan Rasmussen

“History Minute” by Benjamin Perez

“The 80’s Boogie Party” by Ryan Forte

“The Fossil Record” by Michael Matteo

Best Music Video

“Growing Pains” by Bree-On-Uh

“X in the Dirt” by Deniz Tozoglu

“The Suffolk Salsa” by Greg Schmitz

“I Want to Tell You” by Kevin Hill

“Kill Bill” by Callie Messina 

“Open Your Eyes” by George Ellie 

“Simple” by Ryan Forte

Coulanges said the best aspect of the festival is that the college gets to show the students’ talents and what the broadcasting program has to offer. He likes to see the students’ hard work and put it to the test. 

“Even though you may not win, you’re still a winner because your film/project is on the screen,” he said.

Christian Gonzales is an RTV major in his fourth semester. This is his first time participating in this event and his project is a radio feature. “It’s a good chance for me to express my creative talent,” adding that the support he has received has inspired to keep him going.