SCCC Journalism Club President’s Journey to Graduating

Anjali Sinha, Staff Writer

After 1 ½ years of living in this country after leaving my native country of India to move to the United States of America, I’m proud of the things I’ve learned and accomplished. 

My first day at Suffolk was hard on me, as I didn’t know a thing. The language was different, as English is not my mother tongue, not just that, I was under pressure to catch up on so many things but I had time restraints. I often caught myself being nervous and experienced low self-confidence — something I never felt before. But as semesters went through, I started to figure the path out. 

During the journey, I can’t put into words how fortunate I feel I am to find my guiding angel in disguise, Professor Carl Corry. Corry helped and guided me to the very best level. He made me feel welcome and knew where I was coming from, which helped me a lot. I remember this one incident happening where Corry was teaching in the class which included me and everybody started talking about the history of America, and every student in the class knew what they were talking about. But staying in the country for just a few months and sitting with students who were born and raised here, I felt lost. I was just silent, listening and observing everyone. Then Corry saw me, but he didn’t make it seem obvious and he started explaining everything from scratch and gave background information, and that’s when I started to feel accepted. His presence and Suffolk treating me so warmly made me regain myself, I started to feel confident again and I started to feel not lost any longer. Without him, I definitely think Suffolk’s journey would’ve been a battle for me. 

Writing this reflection, I am able to relive all those moments again and I can’t be more grateful for the opportunities I received. I was given the chance to re-start the Journalism Club and to run for president (fall ’22 – spring ’23). I also was welcomed as a staff writer for Compass News. I published my work for the readers, which made me feel so proud of myself and made me feel finally all the troubles were worth it. I also met so many incredible people during the course of my journey in Suffolk, who filled my day with laughter and smiles and people those who were there to help me in every step of the hurdle. After the spring semester, I am transferring to Stony Brook University to pursue my further studies and I am looking forward to it. 

Now that I am leaving Suffolk, I feel filled with emotions and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of the Suffolk family and contribute my part. I’d like to give a shoutout to all my professors and friends who made this journey so amazing, informative, and super welcoming for me. 

Suffolk County Community College, you were amazing. Although I feel homesick at times, I am so glad for how far I’ve come and for the journey ahead of me.