A Sports Writer’s Journey Through SCCC


Thomas Ithier III, Sports Writer

As I sit at my desk, where I took my first online college Zoom class back in 2020 (which was Eng 101), not only am I proud, but surprised at how far this journey has taken me. For much of my first year in college, I didn’t really interact with a lot of journalism students and was oblivious to clubs, activities, and events offered by the college on/off campus.

However, all that changed the first semester I actually took classes on campus, which was the fall 2022 semester. This being the first time I was taking classes with students of my journalism major, I was somewhat nervous and acquired a lot of self-doubt figuring the students in the advanced journalism classes were way more advanced than I was and I had low expectations going into that class. However, upon entering I was welcomed with warm open arms from among my classmates which felt like the biggest boulder being lifted off my back and brought all my confidence shooting back to me all at once. 

Because of these same classmates who I was so nervous about in the first place, I was able to enhance my reporting and journalism skills, became Sports Editor for Compass News, and publish my best work by far. I was able to obtain the full experience of what a professional newsroom entailed as well as working as a beat reporter and so many more skills that I can see myself applying later on in my career. 

As I graduate from Suffolk and continue my journalism education in the Fall at Hofstra University, I am extremely appreciative of the time I have spent here at Suffolk. I have made friends that improved and believed in my work, helped me network with multiple important personnel, and I can genuinely call them lifelong friends. I also want to thank my professors who helped me get my foot in the door with publishing my work on Compass News, as I wouldn’t be leaving with my portfolio that I am impressed with, and memories I can carry for the rest of my life. Being a part of Compass News for the past two semesters is the biggest blessing that could’ve happened.