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It’s Never Too Late
It’s Never Too Late
February 12, 2024

5 Easy Tips College Students Should Know To Be Successful

Jay Kass
Alarms and planners are helpful tools to keep students on track for productive academic — and personal — workflows.

Living life as a college student brings a lot of change. Transferring from scheduled a day-to-day to a college-styled schedule leaves a lot of space for students to follow. Between the long breaks between classes, not having classes every day of the week to even juggling your job in between school hours, it can be a lot.

Here are a few simple things that can help keep your schedule flowing for a successful school week.

  1. Alarms

    It sounds silly but alarms are the most helpful tools known to man, and due to our easy access to smartphones we have built-in alarm clocks with us throughout our days. Setting an alarm isn’t only for waking up, sometimes you have hour-long gaps between classes leaving the risk of being late or missing your class. By setting an alarm five minutes before having to leave you’re triggering your school focus putting you back into the mindset of your classes. It gives you extra time to get there helping you potentially be early allowing for time to dawdle.

  2. Scheduling your day

    Making a layout of your day isn’t for everyone, seeing everything they have to do through the entire time you should be awake can be overwhelming to some. But to others, it can help break their days into sections making it easier to know what you have to be doing when you should be doing it, and what time you should be at your next place. It loses the possibility of forgetting something like a class or missing your call time at work. For those in extracurricular like sports or theater, it helps break things down to find time for homework and downtime.

  3. Don’t overwork yourself

    Over-exhaustion is very common in students our age many of which feel the need to go above and beyond and overwork themselves. It’s important to allow yourself to take a break throughout the day and give yourself time before you go to bed to spend “you time.”

    Leave yourself time to still do the things you enjoy outside of school.

    Taking a walk-through campus is a great way to take a break from the schoolwork aspect of your college life. There are many benches and picnic tables set up for students to take the opportunity to sit and listen to music or read. Leave yourself time to still do the things you enjoy outside of school.
  4. Adjust your schedule around your classes

    As college students were lucky to have the ability to create our class schedule at times that may work best for us. For students who work this helps them be able to take classes on their off time from work. It helps them pair each schedule and plan their day around the two. Some students will take classes in the morning allowing for them to work in the afternoons while others may take classes in the afternoons so they can work in the mornings. While that is an excellent advantage it also allows students to work in between classes placing their work schedules in the middle of their school schedules filling the gaps in their days.

  5. Get an assignment planner

    Assignments can get tricky, having four assignments for one class all with separate due dates can become very confusing nonetheless adding other class school work on top of that. Planners are a great way to lay out the work you were assigned for the week laying out what needs to be turned in and when. This helps you know what assignments to focus on at the beginning of the week and what assignments are okay to leave until the weekend. Planners not only help lay out assignments but it’s a great way to help remind yourself about exams and quizzes. They can be used as a tool to remind yourself about things due and things you should study for upcoming assignments and exams.

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About the Contributor
Jay Kass, Multimedia Editor
Jay Kass is the multimedia editor of the Compass News, majoring in journalism. After Suffolk, she wants to go to Stony Brook University to obtain a bachelor's in journalism, or get a cosmetology degree at Navda Tech in the city to learn how to create crazy hair looks. Kass hopes to become a travel journalist to spread awareness of different cultures.

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