Ammerman Moves Bookstore, Creates New Opportunities for Babylon Student Center


Students visiting the new bookstore location in the Babylon Student Center on Oct. 11, 2022. (Compass News/Layne Groom)

Layne Groom, Managing Editor

Over the summer, the Suffolk Community College Bookstore was moved from the basement of the Babylon Student Center to the first floor, inside the room formerly known as Eaton’s neck. Construction of the new location began on June 21 and was completed on July 6, although finishing touches are still being made to the space. 

The bookstore’s new location has greater visibility and is more centralized for student foot traffic. It includes a separate online pickup room directly across from the new space, which provides a more streamlined pickup service with a window for students to pick up books and materials ordered online.

The space where the bookstore once was, formally known as Eaton’s Neck, is now vacant. Plans for how the space will be utilized are still to be determined. The office of Campus Activities and Leadership Development are unsure of definite plans for the space at this time but says it will most likely be used as a multifunctional meeting space for students and clubs. 

Students on the Ammerman campus had similar ideas to the plans that the office of Campus Activities and Leadership Development described for the space.

“There are plenty of clubs that could be hosted there,” said Michael Melecio, an 18-year-old journalism major attending his first semester at Suffolk. “Some clubs are in faraway places, [and] this space is much more centralized.”

Matthew Queva, an 18-year-old liberal arts major, had similar thoughts.

“It looks pretty big. Honestly, that could be a good space for activities, not just clubs. It could be a game room or a room for movies.”