Journalism Club to Host ‘How to Get a Job in Journalism’ Panel

Journalism Club to Host How to Get a Job in Journalism Panel

Carl Corry, Journalism Coordinator

The Journalism Club will host a panel discussion with professional journalists this coming Tuesday, April 11, from 3:30-4:45 p.m. to help students learn about different types of jobs, internships and freelance opportunities. The discussion will also touch on cover letters, resumes and how to climb the career ladder.

Guests will include: Katelynn Ulrich, investigative reporter, News 12 The Bronx/Brooklyn; Bill Bleyer, Former Newsday reporter, author and historian; and Joe Shaw, executive editor, Express News Group.

Moderator: Anjali Sinha, President, Journalism Club

Students can gather with Journalism Club members in Islip Arts Room 201 or log in via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 865 4143 4430
Passcode: 821005